Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta
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Mother Theresa of Calcutta

A (Write short answers)

1) How old was Mother Theresa when she decided to dedicate her life to God ?
2) What kind of work did she do at first with the Loretto nuns ?
3) What was the first operation she performed ?
4) Who brought medicines and money to Mother Theresa ?
5) How many people have Mother Theresa and her nuns brought in off the streets ?
6) What did she feel that the poor people needed even more than food and shelter ?
7) Why were men needed to help with her work ?
8) Mention some of the places where Mother Theresa found the babies she took in.
9) How did Dr. Sen help Mother Theresa ?
10) Why was 1977 a special year for Mother Theresa.

B (Longer answers)

1) Why do people in India leave their villages to live in overcrowded cities like Calcutta ?
2) Why did Mother Theresa give up teaching in St. Mary’s school ?
3) Why do the sisters of the missionaries of charity live in the same way as the people they serve ?
4) What does the name Normal Friday mean ? For what purpose did Mother Theresa use this building ?
5) What are co-workers ? how do they help with the work ?
6) In what ways have children from Britain, Denmark and Germany helped Mother Theresa ?