Who is Catherine of Sienna ?
  • How old was she when she died ?
  • Which order did she join and why did she join it ?
  • To what did she dedicate herself ?
What happened when she entered Religious life ?
4) What did Catherine play a role in ending ?
5) Who was the pope living in Avignon at that time ?

Did she face opposition in her lifetime ?
6) Who summoned her to interrogate her ?
7)Who was appointed as her spiritual guide ?
8) What did he go on to do ?

How has her legacy developed over time ?
9) Name two of Catherine’s books ?
10) Why is it amazing that she wrote them ?
11) What did Pope Paul VI call her ?
12) Which city did she become a co-patron of ?

Saint Catherine reported experiencing a mystical marriage with Jesus. What is this ?
13) What did Jesus give to her in a vision ?
14) Who could see this ?
15) What does Christocentrism mean do you think ?
16) What did Jesus hold in his hands in a vison with Catherine ? What did he do with this ?
What can we learn from this that we can apply in our own lives ?
17) What should we do above all ?
18) What does the eucharist do for us ?
St Catherine experienced a “gift of tears” : What is this ?
19) With what are the tears of the saints mingled ?
What is the significance of the bridge symbol ?
20) What are the three stages of the way to heaven ?
21) Explain the words “Detachment”, “sanctification”, “Virtues” and “Providence” (You may use a Dictionary)