Inverclyde's war : lessons

Did you realy believe this war would end wars ?

The Gallipoli campaign was Churchill’s response to the Turkish and German alliance which blocked supply routes to Russia.

With the Western Front in stalemate the plan was to induce Greece and Bulgaria into the conflict against the Turks.

Source B— by historian Vincent Gillen, 2015

Who : A British Local Historian
When : 2015 (a century after the events)
Why : as part of a social history of Inverclyde’s involvement in the 1914-18 war.
What does it say ? : It says
Churchill was behind the Gallipoli campaign.
It states The Gallipoli Campaign was a
response to the blocking of supplies to Russia by Turkey and Germany
It states that the Western front was in stalemate.
It states that the plan was to try and influence Greece and Bulgaria into the war on the British side.
What’s Missing ? A Turkish perspective……
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The cost in human terms was terrible. The object of the operation was to push northwards against Constantinople, knock Germany’s Turkish ally out of the war, and let’s be home by Christmas.

Thousands died under the merciless enemy fire as they waded ashore; those who landed and set up their hazardous, uneasy trench system on the beaches never got more than a few hundred yards inland.