Martin Luther King

Free at Last

Free at Last : Martin Luther King

Explain why Martin was not served in the shoe shop. (1)
How old was Martin when he learned how hard life could be for black people ? (3)
What did the policeman call Martin’s father ? (3)
What two jobs did Martin take when he was 15 ? (4)
What was his father’s job ? (4)
How many pupils were in Morehouse college ? (5)
Which great Indian man did Martin learn about ? (5)
Why did Rosa Parks refuse to get up on the bus ? (6)
What is a bus boycott ? (7)
What does MIA mean ? (7)
What three things did Martin say they were tired of ? (8)
What did the movement for better rights for black people come to be called ? (8)
What did the voice inside his mind say ? (9)
How did Martin calm the angry scene outside his home ? (10)
What did the supreme court of the USA decide ? (11)
How many people went on the freedom march to Washington ? (11)
Why did Martin refuse to pay the fine ? (12)
What happened at Martin’s book signing ? (13)
What became the song of the Civil Rights movement ? (14)
What did the freedom riders do ? (15)
Who did President JFK send to Birmingham Alabama ? (16)
What was Martin’s dream ? (16)
What were the Klu-Kluk-Klan trying to do ? (18)
What prize did Martin win in 1964 ? (18)
What did Martin speak out against in 1967 ? (20)
Where was Martin shot to death ? (20)
What is on Martin’s gravestone ? (23)
What happened in 1973 to show progress ? (22)
What medal did Martin win in 1957 ? (24)
Name two of Martin’s books (24)

Do you think Martins Christian faith led him to fight against discrimination ? (explain)

Why do you think that President Kennedy (the first and only Catholic US president) supported Martin ?

Discover who the first Martin Luther was : explain why Martin’s father called him after this man.